Jonnycake’s Christmas Gifts for Kids Program

Our church recently received an appeal from the Jonnycake Center in Westerly.  The center asked for assistance with the Christmas gifts program for families with children.  They are far short of the financial resources they need to be able to respond to all the families asking for assistance this year.  Therefore, we will be deferring the Church World Service blanket drive until 2022.  The format for supporting Jonnycake’s Christmas Gifts for kids program is different than it once was in that they are only asking for gift cards (Walmart, Stop & Shop, McQuades, CVS, Walgreens) or direct cash assistance.  This fund drive begins NOW so kindly inquire about it by contacting our church and speaking with Rev. Ruth.

Thank you to everyone who donates!


SERRV & Earn

This year our church will once again be participating with the SERRV organization which helps displaced refugees trade there handcrafts for income.  By clicking on the link below a percentage of sales from your purchase(s) goes directly to help our church.  Your purchases will bene!t important work done for the refugee artisans and the spiritual work that our church provides.  Please be sure to look for the orange banner bar to appear at the top of their homepage which will specify the name of our church and the general pop-up box.  Thank you for your purchases.

Please click on the click below to direct to SERRV & Earn



January and February 

Blanket the World with Love 

In January and February we will be participating in a disaster relief mission called Blanket the World with Love sponsored by Church World Service.  We will have the opportunity to purchase blankets, either lightweight or heavy weight, that will be sent through-out the United States and overseas.  The blankets cost $10 each, but you should feel free to donate whatever you can afford. Donations will be accepted in envelopes that will be supplied in church, through the mail, or on-line.  You will be able to view the blankets on a display in Fellowship Hall after the holidays.  For more information on the ways in which these blankets have been used, please visit: 


Thank you to everyone who donates!


We remain concerned about our local neighbors and can reassure you that we are still collecting donations of non-perishable food supplies for the PNC.  They have supplied a list of the most needed foods: canned meats and fish, canned soups (clam chowder, in particular), healthy cereals and oatmeal, canned fruit.  Please try to find the easy open cans, if possible.  Little cups of fruit are also great for school lunches.


Neighbors In Need

As many of you know, our church takes pride in our involvement in the “Five for Five” donations collected yearly nationally through the UCC.  It is that time of the year for the Neighbors In Need collection, which we will be accepting through Sunday, October 31st.  Neighbors In Need supports the UCC ministries of justice and compassion with the current focus being on racial justice and refugee concerns.  You may donate with the special envelopes provided in the church or on-line.  Please make checks payable to the church but put NIN in the memo line.

An Important Note From PNC!!!

To purchasers when purchasing any items to donate to the PNC:  By law the staff is not permitted to open and subdivide any donated packages.  Therefore, the larger packages of toilet tissue and paper towels must be given in entirety to just one family, while another might receive just a roll or two.  Purchasing smaller packages of toilet tissue or a roll or two of paper towels is much more practical. This also applies to donated foods.  A 5lb bag of rice can be given to just one family and cannot be subdivided.



“… 46 million Americans rely on food pantries and soup kitchens . . . to survive!  That’s 1 in 7 of our nation’s citizens who need assistance to ensure they eat three meals a day.

People who are food insecure often do not have healthy diets. In many low-income areas, grocery stores are not readily accessible and fresh produce is too expensive.  So their diets are often made up of readily available convenience store and fast food fare, which can lead to obesity, as well as costly and debilitating diseases.

To make matters worse, most of the food we donate to food drives is GARBAGE.  We offload the dusty cans from the back of our kitchen cabinets, items that we have chosen not to eat.  The nonperishables we give are often laden with fat, salt, and sugar.

We need not spend more to donate healthy food.  A can of tuna in water is the same cost as a can of tuna in oil — but it’s much better for us.  Whole wheat pasta is much healthier than sodium-packed Top Ramen.  Swap sugary cereals for whole grains.  Give the food you would feed your family.  THINK BEFORE YOU DONATE is designed to change our habits.  And to get YOU inspired to host a healthy food drive . . .”

Our Mission Committee has committed to following the guidelines of the Think Before You Donate movement.  In the past we have based our food collections on requests from the PNC.  Although the PNC appreciates most non-perishable food donations, we are encouraging our congregation to donate healthier options.

Please click on the link below, to view or print the THINK BEFORE YOU DONATE informational sheet:


 Don’t forget that the cute red cabinet just inside the door of Fellowship Hall holds a treasure trove of Equal Exchange items that you can purchase each week.  Buy some excellent organic chocolate bars, cocoa, coffee, tea, etc. and realize that you are helping the world’s needy population in the process. 

The Mission of the PNC

The Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center helps to feed Westerly residents too.  To encourage donations anytime, one Red Bucket will remain in the Bell Courtyard area of the narthex.

A reminder that we continue to collect non-perishable food for humans and their fluffy, furry friends in our Mission red tubs.  Feel free to contribute canned goods any Sunday.  The need is so great!  All contents are taken periodically to the PNC.

Also, by law when purchasing any items to donate to the PNC the staff is not permitted to open and subdivide any donated packages.  Therefore, the larger packages of toilet tissue and paper towels must be given in entirety to just one family, while another might receive just a roll or two.  Purchasing smaller packages of toilet tissue or a roll or two of paper towels is much more practical.  This also applies to donated foods.  A 5 pound bag of rice can be given to just one family and cannot be subdivided.

Thanks for all your help!  Please speak to any member of the Missions Committee with your ideas and questions.

Fair Trade 


New Fair Trade Items Available In Fellowship Hall

We have a self-serve cabinet in Fellowship Hall of assorted Fair Trade items for sale.  Delicious chocolate bars, baking chocolate, coffees, teas, and more are all available for purchase.  Just put your money in the can! 

Decaf Flavored Coffee

Usual Favorites

Flavored Coffees

Chocolate Bars


A list of prices is posted on the door of the red cabinet.


An important ministry of our church is the need for people power and that means you!  Please consider helping out with this important monthly commitment that our church serves!

Coffee Hour Hosts:  Sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall.  You can just do the coffee.  You can also provide goodies, or not.  You can just clean up.  But we need everyone to help in some way!  Coffee hour is a critical time when visitors and friends get to know how wonderful our church is and if it doesn’t happen it makes us look bad to any visitors we may have that day.  It’s just not fair that the Deacons have to scramble to do it almost every Sunday.  So, won’t you please sign up for one Sunday?  Talk with Lynn Murray for more details.

We serve locally and around the world.  We support:

Equal Exchange Fair Trade Products

Church World Service & SERRV

The Westerly Area Rest and Meals (WARM) Center

Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center (PNC)

We sponsor and support:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous