Begun in 2015 as a dream, this year our Pollinator Gardens are celebrating their seventh year as our witness to the importance of saving pollinators as the way to save God’s Creation! When we began our work in 2015, no one was talking about pollinators and the frightening pace at which they were disappearing.

Now, in 2022, thanks to the efforts of Pollinator Garden projects like ours around the world, everyone knows about pollinators and how their survival is linked to our own. These gardens represent hours and hours of work on the part of dozens and dozens of members, friends and community partners. It remains our tangible witness to the truth that what we do, does make a difference.

We are now embarking on the second phase of the Pollinator Gardens dream – becoming a living laboratory and sacred witness to what is possible. Members of our Pollinator Team are happy to come and speak to local groups about what we did, how we did it, and how we paid for it.

The Bell Courtyard Gardens

The Rain Garden

Becky’s Frog Bog

The Meadow in Full Bloom

The Labyrinth