Local, Regional, & Global

Overseen by our Missions Board, we have a focus Mission project for each month in which the congregation is invited to participate.

These can range from food and personal needs items donations for the local food pantries in Pawcatuck and Westerly to collecting school supplies for local middle schools to receiving cash donations for various groups including:

  • Holy Joe’s Café
  • Church World Service Emergency Blankets
  • Operation Fresh Start
  • Bees and Hives Through Heifer Project International
  • Supporting Indigenous Artisans through SERRV

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Operation Fresh Start which now has their own room within our building to use as their operations base!

UCC Westerly is pleased and proud to be a partner with SERRV – an international Fair Trade organization supporting local artisans around the world.

Visit their website at: https://www.serrv.org/?a=UCCWesterly

If you order through this link, the church gets 20% of the sale donated back to the church so you are supporting two organizations with your purchase!