We have IN-PERSON WORSHIP and we are still streaming VIRTUAL WORSHIP SERVICE on Facebook Live at 9:45 a.m. every Sunday morning.  MASKS ARE OPTIONAL FOR THE FULLY (2 SHOTS, PLUS BOOSTER) VACCINATED!  Fellowship time will take place in the sanctuary immediately following worship.   

June/July BEACON & CALENDAR is now available!

… ONLINE GIVING PROGRAM IS UP AND RUNNING!!!  Now you can donate to our congregation through our website.  Your donations will help our congregation to continue the spiritual work that we do.  We appreciate your donations.  Thank you for giving.













Sunday, June 26th – “You Have Asked a Hard Thing” 

Sunday, July 4th – Communion – Independence Day Weekend – Called to Freedom 

Sunday, July 10th – “Sing & Make Melody!” 

Sunday, July 17th – “Living Faith Stories!” 

Sunday, July 24th – “Sweet Honey from the Rock” 

Sunday, July 31st – “The Runaway Bunny” 










Stonington Vineyards Friday Night Music 

Friday, July 29rd from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 





Weekly Pollinator Gardens Team and Volunteers Meeting In the Gardens Every Thursday at 6:00 p.m.  (Weather permitting.)


Come by to weed and water and you are invited to join them and lend a hand.  They will be happy to explain how you can help, whether it’s weeding, pruning, watering, mulching or ???  This is a hands-on way to contribute to a key ministry of the church while you learn about pollinators and how to help them thrive in your own yard. 








Just a reminder as you begin working in your gardens this year, be aware of whether you are planting true native plants or cultivars which have been specifically bred to look a certain way. Natives are best for pollinators and are the easiest to care for since they have a built in tolerance for our climate and soil conditions! 

In addition to our Attic Sale scheduled for Saturday, May 14th, the Pollinator Team will again be sponsoring a Plant Sale.  Our inaugural venture into selling our green wares proved to be quite successful last year, so we are hoping to have even more plants to sell this year.  The Pollinator Team started planting seeds at the beginning of March, but it isn’t too late to plant! 

As you clean out your gardens, please think of us!  Do you have an abundance of herbs, perennials, thinned out bulbs or rhizomes?  Pot them up in any pot you have available and drop them off at the church the week before the sale or even the morning of.  Feel like starting some fast-growing seeds now?  Go for it!  You’d be surprised at what people are looking for.  Last year we sold almost every green item that was in our area! Perennials, veggies, flowers, bulbs, you name it, it sold! 

We also would appreciate any donations of pots that you may have hiding in your garage or basement.  You can drop those off at the church any Sunday between now and the sale.  There will be a box at the door in the upper parking lot narthex to receive them.  If you need pots, there are already some available in the box. 

Please contact our church for further information.

Monthly Tips & Guides provided by our pollinator team are available to read by clicking on the POLLINATORS GARDENS page link from the menu above.